That's a brilliant question ...

Many people invest in gold as a nest egg, while others may purchase jewellery as a mere accessory.  

So the question I pose to you is, if something this valuable has such a great demand, then would you not want to be a part of it's recycling process, while cashing in on the effort you make?

Imagine dealing with a product that has a definitive demand, with an open market of people who are willing to sell you this product - content with the fact that you'll be making a mark-up.

With a minimum profit of 50% on each resale? instantly? with absolutely no risk? who can say no to that?

The work is minimal, and the returns are HUGE. With one simple choice to make, you're basically a click away from writing your own cheques. Sorry, I mean CASH.


Gold gets traded on the Stock Market each day. And even though prices increase and decrease daily, the long term consensus is that it increases indefinitely. Besides this fact, because it is even listed on the stock market should in it's own give you an idea of it's demand.

Being part of the Gold recycling process, is more lucrative than being in the game of cash money (which is lending cash to individuals, for a return, in the form of interest charged, for services rendered).

In this game, your money never leaves your sight, you always have CASH or Gold in hand, and converting your scrap Gold back into cash, is just a phone call away. 

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