Based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, we are a small group of Investors, both silent and active, who combined capital to reserve for the purchase of scrap Gold, with the goal of reselling it to refineries within South Africa. 

The process of buying and reselling of scrap Gold, is one that existed for many years. The opportunity was only afforded to the wealthy, and still is, because refineries only buy scrap Gold in large quantities, making it difficult for the average guy to cash-in on the market.

We have thus identified an opportunity to FIRSTLY make a profit for ourselves, but also as a SECONDARY goal to afford the up-and-coming entrepreneur a chance to partake in this amazingly simple process. Hence our services include much more than just the buying of scrap Gold ourselves, but also to offer a support system, structured to help grow a consistent revenue stream for others over a long period of time.

You might ask yourself "why would anyone want to share such knowledge with others?" and our answer is quite simple ...

There is literally enough to go around ...

With individuals in almost every realm of the South Africa, from parts of Cape Town, Somerset West and George, right through Port Elizabeth to offices in Gauteng and Pretoria, everyday people have already become part of our growing business of CASH FOR GOLD. Why don't you?

We want you to make money, just like we are. We create entrepreneurs everyday ...

Did you really think that a Country as fantastic as South Africa, had nothing more to offer you other than it's extra-ordinary beauty?  

The money is out there right now - in fact you've missed out on at least 20 grams worth of scrap Gold today, which could have earned you an extra R500.00 easy. 

Don't waste any more time. Time is money.

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