Teach a man to fish, and he’ll never go hungry ...
Give a man a Business In A Box, and he’ll never go poor!


Call: 072 570 6135
Fax: 086 719 6402
Email: thegoldrush@webmail.co.za 

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Having a second job, or some form of extra income these days, have become more than just a luxury. People who are surviving through the rough times consider extra income through "Self-Employment" a necessity.

  Don't be fooled by second rate gimmicks. Make sure to invest in something that works - this is the real deal ... Start owning your finances and settle that mortgage or dream car within the next year.

Ever seen a 


sign somewhere and wondered how to get into that business without a ridiculous amount of capital outlay?

South Africa is renowned for it's supply 

of Gold, amongst other precious metals

& stones, to the World. With it's 

resources becoming scarcer by the day, 

the need for 'recycling' is eminent. 

Several Gold Refiners situated through

-out South Africa, have created an 

opportunity for all to be a part of - and 

cash-in on the recycling process. And

just like our ancestors used to walk by 

Gold without knowing it, so are we too

passing by the opportunities each day, 

without knowing it.

We accept the following methods of payment: 

Our goal is to create an employment opportunity on a part-time or full-time basis, where people have the opportunity to buy Scrap Gold, and resell it to for a profit.

Scrap Gold by definition, is Gold in it's impure form, the most common of which is second hand jewellery (be it broken or not).

The Demand for this commodity is High, and is one of the few things in the world that can truly be acknowledged as an investment.

The opportunity to earn money is all around us, like money exchanging hands on a daily basis - only, you can now be a part of the process, and be one of the hands through which the money passes through each day.

We offer free delivery, provide starter kits, and so much more. An ideal opportunity to become self employed in a part time or full-time capacity. Minimum work involved for great returns.

The process is simple - You receive gold from your client in exchange for cash, You resell that same Gold for a profit, and at this point you will already have made a minimum of 50% mark-up on what you've spent. It's that easy!


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